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The Prophet’s (saw) Methodology for Revival -1st Circle: The Beginning of Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Da'wah

After the revelation descended to the Prophet (saw) and was commanded to carry the Da’wah through the following Allah’s (swt) statements:

ياأيها المدثر قم فأنذر

“O you who covers himself [with a garment] arise and warn”

[Al-Muddaththir: 1 – 2]


وأنذر عشيرتك الأقربين, واخفض جناحك لمن اتبعك من المؤمنين, فإن عصوك فقل إني بريئ مما تعملون

“And warn, [O Muhammad], your closest kindred. And lower your wing to those who follow you of the believers. And if they disobey you, then say, “Indeed, I am disassociated from what you are doing””

[Ash-Shuaraa: 214 – 216]


يا أيها الرسول بلغ ما أنزل إليك من ربك وإن لم تفعل فما بلغت رسالته والله يعصمك من الناس إن الله لا يهدي القوم الكافرين

“O Messenger, announce that which has been revealed to you from your lord, and if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people”

[Al-Maaidah: 67]

The Prophet (saw) started to engage and call the people to the religion of Allah (swt) while believing in the truth that he is calling for and advancing an intellectual struggle against the red and blacks; without giving any weight to their traditions, religions, culture and beliefs. He was only concerned with his Islamic Da’wah.

The Prophet (saw) called the people to the worship of Allah (swt) only, to stick to the Islamic Creed and implement its legal rulings comprehensively throughout the spheres of life. At the same time he struggled against the kuffar and polytheists and destroyed their beliefs. He did all that while he (saw) was alone, with no one to assist him and without weapons; but armed with his deep faith in Allah (swt) and Islam of which he was comprehensively calling for.


The Prophet’s (saw) Da’wah passed through three primary stages which are:

  1. Stage One: Teaching and Culturing
  2. Stage Two: Interraction with the Ummah
  3. Stage Three: Taking Leadership and Establishing an Islamic State



It will continue in UQAB Issue 6…In Shaa Allah.



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