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Opinion Poll

An opinion poll is a human research survey of public opinion from a particular sample either on an issue or weigh popularity of a person vs another. It is a common research method from ages and it is Mubah/permissible as it is not linked to any ideology or system.

If being used well (with ikhlas) it has a big potential in forecasting the reality of people needs, at the same time can be used to cheat people on the real situation.

There are four things which are considered to be affecting these polls and gives wrong results

  1. The Question asked should be one and comprehendible by all
  2. Location where this research is done influence a lot on the results
  3. Methodology/tools used in conducting the polls
  4. Time/period when the polls are conducted.

The importance of this method of survey has made several organizations volunteering their time and resources to ensure they conduct these polls on personalities vying for leadership position. It’s surprising how these organizations dedicate much of their efforts whenever we approach general elections.

In Kenya we have several organizations conducting opinion polls to show popularity between contestants/political aspirants. Organization like IPSOS, INFOTRACK among others every now and then release their predictions on who is the popular person.

Currently the whole world is living under the capitalist ideology hence these organizations in one way or the other have been intercepted and influenced by this system and their surveys have been compromised either praising one wing or defacing the other.

This has been evident when Uhuru Kenyatta always leads whenever IPSOS conducts their polls despite the current economic hardships and corruption in his government. This organization tries to hide the government shame when they feel it’s in a difficult situation evident by the frustrations of the nationals.

It is not surprising at these times releasing their polls promoting the government. 23rd December 2016 after the teacher’s strike which lasted almost a month and affected the education sector, people criticized the government for failing in carrying it duties but surprisingly Uhuru Kenyatta was given a popularity of 75% compared to others!! Despite issues affecting the sector including arsons in schools, NYS scandal and insecurity.

We witnessed doctors strike in January 2017 which lasted approximately three months and the whole country was afflicted whereas Uhuru government gave it a blind eye and not only did they threatened to fire them but also arrested the doctors’ union officials something which despised all Kenyans. But again IPSOS released their polls showing President Uhuru Kenyatta leading. This shows the hypocrisy of these organizations and their surveys are unreal and cannot be relied upon.

The system of imposing agenda to people is not only in Kenya but even the father of capitalism America who claims to value the opinions of majority exposed its hypocrisy when it refused to honor the polls and the final decision of its citizen during the elections in November 2016. From beginning Clinton was leading in polls and even after collecting majority votes she was not given the leadership of America but they disputed the polls and the general elections and instead announced Donald Triumph as the president of US. This raised brawls and protests protesting Trump’s victory. This shows that not opinion of majority matters but few capitalists are the decision makers on who is to lead the nation without respecting democracy and its policies.

Several years ago when America’s system started deteriorating, it forced its citizen especially the ones from Middle east and Africa to despise its policies and world politics. This forced America to camouflage its system by crowning Barrack Obama as the president so as to bring a new agenda in the world i.e. having the first Africa as the president of America. They saw the importance of showing the world that they are democratic and don’t segregate color or tribes.

They succeeded in their propaganda through the polls and tricked the world especially Africa by presenting America as the role model and praised it in all ways to an extent clear the bitterness they had against America. Everyone started praising Obama until a song was composed “paint it black” as it’s the first time in history of America! If they had chosen a woman as their president, today the propaganda would have been on forcing nations especially Islamic countries to elect a woman in leadership positions.

All this reveals that capitalists don’t care about the interest of their system rather they target their own material benefits when they weight amongst the contestants for who will carry out their policies to enable them reach their interests easily and in a better way. That’s why they choose Donald Triumph for their benefits which they know and saw they will gain through this immoral with rude statement person. Therefore, it’s not the opinion of the majority which are being determined or their choice.

We have stated earlier that it is an olden method and not new and if used correctly it helps greatly to direct people where their main opinion lies.

The Islamic history has revealed how opinion poll helped in guiding Muslims and gave them choose best amongst the opinions carried by the majority of Muslims. When Abubakar(RA) felt his sickness will lead to his death and on the other had the Muslim army was fighting with Romans and Persians, he called the Muslims and consulted them on who will take over the leadership after him. Despite his sickness he consulted for around three months and when he got the majority of the people’s opinion were on Umar(RA) he then announced that Omar will be the Muslim leader (Khalifah) after him and that’s why after his demise people gave Omar baiya.

Even after Umar(RA) being stabbed by knife when he was praying, when the swahaba felt his condition was deteriorating they asked him to choose for them a leader after him. But as per the history, he chooses six people to choose amongst themselves within three days after his death. Abdulrahman bin Auf(RA) took the responsibility of collecting the opinions of the Muslims to the best of his ability and who they will prefer. He went door to door day and night until the opinion of the majority were on Uthman(RA) and Ali (RA) as explained by Ibn Kathir in his book “Al-Biday Wa-Nihaya” that Abdulrahman (RA) visited Al–Musawar bin Makramah (RA) and told him “Wallahi I have not slept for three days

He sought the opinion of the majority day and night but even after getting their opinion he was not satisfied but sought the opinion of the chosen ones and asked them who is more deserving to be the leader, and that’s when Uthman(RA) and Ali(RA) remained as the more popular through this tactic he used. And even after proposing Ali (RA) first and coronate Uthman (RA) everyone was satisfied even Ali (RA) was in the forefront giving baiyah to Uthman.

This is how Muslims carried their affairs by abiding to their obligations and not personal interests like the way is evident from this false full system of capitalism in its affairs worldwide.


Hajj Salim

From UQAB Magazine Issue 5

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