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Jamhuri High School Incidence: Muslims are Guilty until Proven Innocent


On Wednesday the 24 January 2018, Kenyans woke up with news of an overnight violent clash between the Muslim and the Christian students at the Jamhuri High School that led to several students being injured after they were stabbed.


Immediately the news broke out Kenyans on social media and on the other hand mainstream media engaged in a total different and misplaced discussion with a theme of socio-cohesion v/s radicalization/ideological extremism. Throughout the discussion it came out clearly that the discussions had adopted and peddled an evil narrative that Muslim students were religious intolerant and this was because of radicalization! Almost all the contributors in the discussions were vilifying the Muslim students despite most of them not having any concrete evidence to justify their accusations and name tagging conniving discussion.

What informed this evil narrative to be used for discussion immediately the event was reported? War on terror is a long-term global agenda perpetuated by the Western imperialists led by America the hegemonic secular capitalist master who are striving day and night to plot against the awakening of the Muslim Ummah. The Muslim Ummah’s mother the Khilafah (Caliphate) was painful stabbed by a sharp and evil dagger in her heart on 3 March 1924 and was destroyed. The destruction of the Khilafah was so imperative to the Western colonialists’ survival since it was the cornerstone on the unification of the Muslim Ummah, its lands and vast resources all under the pure Islamic ideology.

The evil Capitalists went further in plotting against the Muslim Ummah by ensuring that Islam as a comprehensive ideology emanating from the Creator of creations does get revived at all. This was meant to protect and cushion their invalid capitalist ideology and its secular creed from being vanquished as it emanates from man’s limited mind and which is unsustainable against that of Islam, which was divinely reveled. America developed a campaign to suppress Islam and some of the pillars of the campaign were:

  1. The use of world media as a deadly weapon dominated by America and her allies, to propagate its slogans of (democracy, pruralism, human rights and four individual freedoms (freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of ownership and personal freedom). To distort the image of Islam and incite the world against those who adhere to it, portraying them as fundamentalists, zealots, extremists and terrorists etc.
  2. The use of Agent rulers and the circle around them of underlings, hypocrites, opportunists and those lured by the Kafir culture and fascinated by its way of life. This circle also includes those who pretend to care about Islam whether they are government scholars or those presented to the people as Islamic intellectuals from some Islamic movements who are in reality nothing more than secularists, calling for the detachment of the deen from life.

With such pillars adopted, America had declared war apparently to any Muslim who will rise up and contravene their slogans and such would be deemed as a threat to their Western civilization and ultimately their invalid capitalist ideology. On the other hand, their advancement on material development was their cornerstone of success justification. But in reality they only secured the interests of a few capitalist elites and made them masters over others; and the rest of the masses were left languishing in all spheres of life i.e politically, socially, economically, educationally etc. Ultimately, chaos and catastrophes are daily witnessed globally to date.

The Muslim Ummah remains pained but adamantly attempting to explore ways on how to resume their Islamic way of Life by reviving the banner of Khilafah (Caliphate) for the second time based on the methodology of the Prophet (saw). Sincere sons and daughters amongst the Muslim Ummah have risen up by studying Islam as a comprehensive and alternative ideology capable of solving the problems facing people (Muslims and Non-Muslims) today. They embarked on studying Islam ideological, internalized and practiced it individual, calling for its adoption under a just and pious Muslim ruler the Khalifah (Caliph) leading the Khilafah (Caliphate) using strictly Islamic sources as laws to govern the people.

America and its allies as champions’ of the invalid capitalist ideology are scared to death whenever they hear calls for strict adherence to Islam (revival of the Khilafah (Caliphate)). Therefore, they have launched an outright war militarily in occupying Muslim lands and in bombing them to ground e.g Syria, and intellectual branding anyone calling or harboring sentiments in support of strict adherence to Islam as terrorists or radicals or extremists e.g Turkey sentencing callers of strict adherence to Islam to 285yrs imprisonment! And so the Muslim students in Jamhuri High are victims of a global war targeting Islam as an ideology and so them being vilified is justifiable since they are part of the Muslim Ummah. How many ugly incidences have taken place in numerous schools across Kenya? Why do we only hear discussions on socio-cohesion v/s radicalization/ideological extremism whenever there is a Muslim/s involved?

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya




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