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Embracing Capitalism System Is Like Piercing Yourself With A Thorn


The issue of gender discrimination has reach far many heights around the world mainly on women abuse. Complains on women abuse, being treated as slaves and their rights violated has being aired by many. Not only were they expressing on the concerns but commissions and organizations were created to liberate this ‘woman’ under the slogan ‘women rights’.

It did not only end there, but a special date was reserved to commemorate Women’s day around the world every 8th March of the year. Many times we are being told Women must be given their share in politics and economics and at the same time women were given opportunities in government unlike how it previously was. But despite all this commissions and opportunities given by having their representatives in the government, complains on ill treatment of women still continues.

Problems facing a woman are because of lack of appreciation, women have become unappreciative. These are the problems women faced during the jahiliya era, afflictions from men and the whole society at large. They used to be maltreated by the ignorant but the prophet(SAW) when he came with the light of Islam to the society, it enlighten thus removing women from darkness of the afflictions which was clouding them.

Vicious thought of “Gender Equality” is been lobbied by the western and many women have fallen into it. The thought mean that a woman should not have any limits in all her affairs and should compete with men in contesting for administrative positions, work place, etc. According to Islamic ideology, there is a clear cut of obligations and responsibilities both gender have to fulfill as humanities without discriminating gender like the daily prayers, giving alms, hajj and propagation of da’awah. At the same time, Allah (SW) relieved the woman from certain obligations due to her nature as a female like ruling. Not only that, but specifics obligations were set to her based on her nature like, taking care of babies from time of pregnancy, breastfeeding e.t.c. As for the issue of working and earning, Islam has not prohibited women but her financial maintenance has been obliged to men and that’s how Islam has protected her and safeguarded her rights based on her nature.

Women who preceded understood who they were, where they come from and where they are heading. When they understood this they strived to prepare themselves to their destination. That’s why after commandments of Allah and his prophet were laid we did not have any commission formed to fight for women rights. They were contented with Allah’s sharia opposed to the modern woman who neglects the Shari’i and covered with darkness of Sheytan. A darkness that even if infinite lights””commissions”” were lit they won’t illuminate.

Modern women after being liberated and protected by Islam, they are doing things contrary to Islam. Troubles, distress and humiliation of Ignorance period (Jahiliya) have chastise her and the current problems of the modern Jahiliya are results of her own doing. She had two paths to choose and decided to follow a skewed instead of a straight path thinking it’s a long one which may delay her reaching her destination or not reach completely.

Its either the modern women have been influenced with the rotten western culture under misleading secular calls like “’my dress my choice’, free mixing, personal freedom making them not to be able to understand who they are where they are fro and where they are heading, or intentionally not abiding by the best teachings of Islam resulting to humiliation from capitalism at an alarming rate.

Indeed the value of a woman remains in the Ahadith books of our prophet (saw) but unfortunately she doesn't value it. And on this basis we as Muslim Women members of Hizb ut-Tahrir say; the afflictions facing women are as a result of us accepting to live under dangerous thoughts and ideology i.e. capitalism. And if we don't bind ourselves with Islam then it will be like pricking yourself with a thorn with no one feeling sorry for you. We strongly believe there is no commission or organization that can fight for a woman right like the way Quran has organized for her. A woman needs to stop humiliating herself and return back to the book (Qur’an) and Sunnah of our prophet (SAW) and this darkness will vanish from her and the light of Islam will light upon her. Allah has warned us on whosoever turns away from his Reminder will have a hardship life.


Mgeni J. Salim

From UQAB Magazine Issue 2


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