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Who is To Blame Between Parents and The System?

Islam as a complete way of life obliged Sharia laws to Muslims and whole mankind and made them a duty to all Muslims to implement them. Among these Sharia is children upbringing with an Islamic personality. It is a responsibility of all parents to ensure their children are brought up on Islamic basis, and that’s how Muslim children who preceded us were brought up. A child is brought up Islamically from the time it’s born by having the call of Adhan recited upon him on his right ear and Iqama on his left ear and taught other Islamic rules at age of seven.

Muslim teenagers and youth were natured and raised Islamically like Ali bin Abi Talib and others, who stood up for Islam until their last breath. They understood their responsibility towards Islam after being informed and raised with Islamic thoughts something which our current teenagers lack. Our youth have indulged themselves with worldly luxuries and forgot their roles and responsibilities as Muslim youth.

Apart from worldly affairs which are keeping them busy, there are those who have joined robbery gangs and terrorizing the society, earning their living through women. Mothers have no peace; they are being terrorized by their own husbands and children. The world has becomes hostile to them, wherever they go there is chaos from youth who are hell bent to meet their worldly desires by all means at their disposal. The sad part of it is these are Muslim youths who are to be the cornerstones of propagation of the Islamic Da’wah as mercy to humanity across the world. Where are the likes Ali bin Abi Talib?

There are many questions lingering in our heads; are the parents’ neglectful in their upbringing or it is the environment which spoils our kids and Muslim youths? And why should it be that Muslims are part of those languishing and yet it is they who have been given the right guidance from their creator? Why should our youths die like dogs in the hands of the police force or mob justice? Parents!!!Don’t you feel any pain when your children are stoned, lynched or shot to death?

The above questions have a single solid answer and that is the urgent need to work for the re-establishment of the Islamic State of Khilafah based on the Prophet’s methodology. The Islamic State shall assume the role of providing a policy framework that see amongst other education being taught according to Islam and aimed at raising a generation of piety-driven student and children who aim only to seek the pleasure of their Creator by strictly measuring their actions according halal and haram. Contrary to what we are currently witnessing in the education policy framework under the invalid capitalist ideology that is designed to produce workers and slaves of the capitalist multinationals and whose viewpoint is benefit anchored firmly on the principle of consumerism!  Until then the society’s tranquility shall never be witnessed because its important segment is left at the mercy of the corrupt capitalist ideology and its stinking systems that will ever bring miseries and machinations to not only the youth but the entire society at large.


Mgeni Juma Salim

From UQAB Magazine Issue 4

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