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Effects of Rain Is A Result Of Corruption In The Country

The rains in Mombasa has led to many disasters, including floods, washed away homes and death, most affected being the young children and women. House are failing to withstand the force of the rain. This disaster is caused by ongoing series of rains in Mombasa, we said it is by the divine decree of Allah but also the incompetence of leaders has contributed significantly.

Corruption from top leaders to the masses is the cause of this disaster. People sell or buy plots to build places where they are not supposed to as long as they benefit from it. Landlords only care for their monthly income whereas official from Nation Land Commission do not follow through these cases because they have been silenced in one way or another through bribery.

Truly Kenya has declined in the darkness of the capitalist ideology and its Democratic system to an extent failed to realize if this has been done on purpose. It’s only the other day people were crying out for hunger, drought and heat, why then do we abandon the blessings of rains from Allah (swt) and let it to bring floods and tragedies to the human life. That’s why we say the corrupt Capitalist ideology and its systems including Democracy has stagnated and failed to guide humanity to solve their problems. Leaders have the ability to control the situation but their corruption and incompetence have made them fail completely!

This continuing rain is a lesson for us citizens. Lesson to be learned is that democracy is inappropriate for administrative and running the public interest. This rain will open our eyes looking for a permanent solution or will always remain blaming each other. In fact, many women have not yet known the problems in the society are as a result of this corrupt system. Drought, hunger, thirst, floods etc. all are because of the weakness of the laws made by man which day by day gives room for misuse of public funds and corruption that leads to negligence of the infrastructure and which eventually lead to disaster and a great loss all seasons.

Leaders are not shocked by the disaster and loss facing the citizens but are busy campaigning for votes. The downside being a blame game between the government and opposition; and others giving blank promises which don’t make sense including letting the people continue to suffer as we wait for a certain party to take the leadership/win the elections then solve the disaster! This is manifested when mothers are registered house after house and promised peanuts which cannot supplement their daily bread. Until when will we agree to be used and abused by democrats? It is now time we wake up and seek a lasting solution to the problems of the public and alternative system which will assure us stability in our lives, our children and our husbands.


Mgeni J Salim

From UQAB Magazine Issue 5

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