Africa’s Success Lies in Expulsion of Western Colonialists Together with Their Secular Capitalist Ideology

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On Thursday 19 July 2018, Kenya hosted third shareholders conference of Africa50 shareholders. This organization was established by the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) together with other African countries. The launch was discussed in 2012 by African leaders regarding the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) which aimed at providing an innovative solution on Africa’s infrastructures. In May, 2013 Finance Ministers from Africa approved Africa50 and its headquarters opened in Casablanca, Morocco in September 2014. The organization consist of more than 20 countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo etc.

As for Africa Development Bank (AfDB) it was established in 1964 and it consists of: Africa Development Bank (ADB), Africa Development Fund (ADF) and Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF). The objective of AfDB is fighting poverty and uplifting the status of living for the entire Africa through investing in public and private projects and coming up with initiatives which will enhance economic and social development. AfDB give financial donations to governments and companies which invest in Regional Member Countries (RMC). Its headquarters are in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

What should be asked is, since the establishment of AfDB in 1964 and Africa50 in 2014 to date how is the general situation of Africa member countries? The answer is, the situation is dire and regrettable. From the member states to the whole of Africa the general public has despaired with life due to their languishing in extreme poverty and poor living conditions caused by bad secular colonialist capitalist policies. This is because the two organizations and others not mentioned including the Africa Union established in 1963, are all proxy organizations controlled by the colonialists behind the scene. However, on display they act to be independent and enthusiastic in uplifting the status and giving solution to problems of Africa! Certainly not, they are all run by agents who loyal servants of western colonialists and who are always ready to sacrifice and turn fellow Africans into capital to please their colonial masters who gave them power especially Britain and

In summary this is how things are:

First, Africa member countries who own the bigger percentage of shares (Veto power) within the AfDB are 1. Nigeria (British Agent) – 8.638%, 2. Egypt (American Agent) – 5.697% and 3. South Africa (British Agent) – 5.122% then follow other African countries.

Second, non-African member countries who own bigger percentage of shares (Veto power) within the AfDB are 1. America – 6.147%, 2. Japan (American Agent) 5.562% 3. Germany – 4.213%, 4. Canada 3.911% and 5. France – 3.806% then follow other foreign countries.

Third, out of 4 member countries of AfDB and which are also members of Africa50 from Africa and which are among 10 countries owning bigger GDP in Africa are 1. Nigeria – $ 375.771 billion, 3. Egypt – $ 235.369 billion, 6. Morocco – $ 109.139 billion and 9. Kenya – $ 74.938 billion.

More surprising, is that despite these countries having bigger GDPs the fact is citizens in these countries live in abject poverty, for instance Nigeria currently is said to have surpassed India and is now leading in higher population of the poor in the world! The situation is similar to other African countries whether members of AfDB, Africa50 or not!

Despite African countries being blessed with vast resources they are still languishing in extreme poverty. The problem is leadership of these countries lie in the hands of colonial puppets who implement the secular creed and the capitalist ideology which are the source of servitude and the continent’s decline. Their remaining to power means persistence of evil economic policies which focus on hypothetical economic growth through GDP but do not care about wealth distribution to general citizenry rather they obey and subdue themselves to the capitalists who own capital in the name of “investors”.

The radical solution is for Africa at large to embrace the call to basic change which is the call to embrace the Islamic creed and its system. Islam is divined from the Creator of Man contrary to the secular creed which emanates from the limited human intellect of the influential few who bestowed themselves the authority to organize general life. This call is the call for the re-establishment of the Khilafah upon the methodology of Prophethood. Through the return of the Khilafah will Africa be able to expel the Western colonialists together with their secular capitalist ideology. It is then that it will be practically independent and consequently rule itself and manage its resources for the benefit of its people without pressure from the colonialists who today loot Africa’s wealth by their right hand and lend them with unpayable debts by their left so that Africa remains subservient to the West and now China trends similar policies of the West.

Written for the Website of Radio Rahma

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

Article No.3    Dated: Friday, 7 Dhul-Qaada 1439 | 2018/07/20