Britain Outmaneuvers America Once Again By Stamping Its Authority in Africa

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The neo -colonial scramble for African continent has gone overboard between America who calls for embracement of democracy and multiparty and on the other side Britain the greatest colonial master calling for the retention of status quo with cosmetic changes to hoodwink the masses who are clamoring for genuine change.


African states are pseudo independent states, which draw their policies both domestic and foreign from their colonial masters. Such that direct rulers are African political stooges, representing their colonial masters indirectly. All western colonial masters including Britain, they resolved to rule Africa indirectly via their subservient agents for two major reasons:

Firstly, to reduce pressure on their bloated foreign expenditure after the outcome of the WW II that costed them a lot.

Secondly, to cover themselves from harsh relationship emanating from sentiments calling for independence from western colonialists.

As Britain was readjusting its policy on the African continent, America on the other hand took advantage of the global events after WW II, went ahead, and launched its African policy to challenge Britain’s hegemonic influence in the Continent. America called for democracy and multiparty in countries that were under Britain’s grip and European powers in general. This led to counter and counter political attacks events with Britain being adamant to retain its global stature by firmly taking grip of its colonies and America using both political and socio-economic means to try to dissuade Britain’s agents in the continent both in the military and political class. The 2017 latest developments were captured beyond reasonable doubts that indeed Britain has not lost its cunningness in African politics and outsmarted America in the following African countries:

First, Kenya; a firm British colony that currently being led by Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta the son to the first British puppet Jomo Kenyatta. As calls for change in Kenya went to its peak and the possibility of post elections violence after the August 8 elections, it could have derailed British plans in Kenya. Moreover, the outcome of the violence would have given the Raila Odinga the American puppet an upper hand against the British puppet Uhuru Kenyatta on the negotiating table. Therefore, Britain devised a plot that was meant to portray Kenya as an example both in Africa and in the World for its maturity in democracy and respect to institutions. The plot was to nullify the presidential elections for the August 8, 2017. At the same time prevail upon its stooge to be respective of Judicial independence although gave him leeway to express personal disapproval of the ruling but as presidency uphold judicial independence. All this was done to the advantage of Uhuru Kenyatta. Praises were heaped on Kenya as the beacon of Africa and Kenyatta was hailed as the role model for African presidents who despite his reelection being nullified he did not cause anarchy using state apparatus under his disposal. While on the other hand America was outmaneuvered and so was its stooge Raila Odinga who was cash starved and hence could not embark on another aggressive campaign compared to his main competitor who had status machinery at his disposal. That led to Raila instead of campaigning for the repeat elections, but; went overdrive to call for changes in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Final he withdrew from the repeat October 26, 2017 presidential elections, which went ahead and Uhuru Kenyatta won then later sworn in on 28 November 2017. Therefore, what is left of Raila Odinga is just making tantrums and realigning himself for the 2022 elections, which are in 5 years to come!

Second, Zimbabwe; also a firm British colony that is being led by Emerson Mnangagwa a comrade to the longest serving president Robert Mugabe both loyal British stooges. As calls for changes were at its peak in Zimbabwe due to the worsening economic situation since the country’s GDP per capita dropped by 40%, agricultural output dropped by 51% and industrial production dropped by 47%. Britain cunningly engineered a deliberate rift in the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party. The rift was meant to shift the sentiments for genuine radical change and instead used it to usher cosmetic changes. The plot was to use Grace Mugabe as a power hungry woman who wants to ascend to power riding on his ill health and frail older husband Robert Mugabe. Then use the army which is firmly under the payroll of Britain to execute a swift and bloodless coup de ’tat. That saw Emerson Mnangagwa being given reins of power with the sole purpose of retaining status quo as the 3rd President of Zimbabwe. As the masses were, celebrating and welcoming change and pampered by a conniving worded inaugural speech of Emerson Mnangagwa on 24 November 2017 at a packed stadium in the capital, Harare. America via its stooge Morgan Tsvangirai were back at their drawing boards scratching their heads once again after being outsmarted by Britain.

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya