Democratic Elections Deprive Women’s Dignity

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The year 2017 is an election year in Kenya where the political leaders and their henchmen are extremely busy working for these general elections. All national issues have been politicized because the leaders and their aspirants have a lot of work in convincing the citizens to vote. This is the time that some leaders try to fulfill their promises, they made three years ago, only to be elected again in the upcoming elections. The leaders use the little opportunity they get to campaign for themselves. They have not left any stone untouched.

They have a lot of ways of campaigning among them is by hoodwinking  the poor innocent women who just do what they are told without knowing the consequences of their actions. The women have become tools for elections and are used to hunt for the votes. Among the campaigners are Muslim women who move around with rallies everywhere dancing and singing on top of their voices campaigning for their aspirants.  All political divides have turned burial ceremonies into political podiums. How shame it is to see our mothers and sisters move around others half naked in the name of elections. Women have forgotten their responsibilities and have turned to be used by the leaders in whatever the leaders say just to earn some little cash. Muslim women sell their dignity just for some little handouts they end up dancing openly just to please their aspirants.

Islam protected women’s dignity but it is now unprotected and the dignity has no one to protect. Therefore it is the women themselves that need to protect their own dignity but they have forgotten their responsibilities and their rights as Muslim women and have joined rallies which do not add value to their lives here and on the hereafter.

Muslim women have been used in hunting votes from one place to another. Branded as Uhuru’s girls and Joho’s girls who wear skimpy dresses in the so called campaigns. In this vote-hunting mission the Kenyan women are advised to withhold sex until their spouses show them their voter’s card. It is clear that the leaders only think of themselves. They just give out advices without knowing what will happen next with the women. Women it’s high time you open your eyes; you wake up and see the reality of your leaders. As you are busy trying to bring them up they are struggling to take you down, what do you think will happen after a husband act upon them being rejected by their spouses?

This was to be expected in this corrupt system of Democracy which has turned a woman into a mere commercial asset. Adverts of girls half naked are seen everywhere. Truly the corrupt regimes have deprived a woman her dignity. Everything around it will be corrupt. It is high time we Muslims stop supporting this insanity and focus on our responsibilities as Muslims, as we have a lot to answer on what is happening to our families, our mothers and sisters. Have we turned blind or deaf on these matters? Don”t we see our mothers and sisters humiliating themselves on the open roads? We will all be asked about this, lets prepare the correct answer for these questions.

It is only the Khilafah based on the Prophetic Methodology that shall provide dignity and honor to the women of this noble Ummah that has been taken captive by the invalid capitalist ideology which has dethrone the women from their primary role of being a mother and a wife; and turned her into a political bargain and campaigning tool!

Mgeni J. Salim

From UQAB Magazine Issue 1