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Press Statement

The Supreme Court’s decision to order for a repeat of election on 26th October 2017 has sparked political tensions in the country. After the nullification of the August 2017 elections, we have witnessed hullabaloo between the two political divides (Jubilee and NASA) on how to conduct the fresh elections. Jubilee is not concerned with IEBC; it is deeply concentrating in its campaigns to persuade people to participate in the election. NASA leader Raila Odinga who boycotted the election has been urging his supporters to boycott the polls for the reason that IEBC can never conduct a free, fair and credible election. Meanwhile, Jubilee Members of Parliament who are the majority in the House have already proposed for some amendments on the electoral laws targeting to prevent the court from nullifying the election results. Likewise, the amendments are such that should any candidate withdraw from the repeat elections then the remaining candidate should automatically be declared the winner.

The Islamic Party Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya wishes to state the following:

This political debate between politicians does not in any way benefit the ordinary citizens except adding nuisance on top of the other. This is but competition between them on how to attain political as well as economic power with the ultimate objective of securing their interests between themselves and not between the destitute citizens. The leaders of the two camps are not strangers in the eyes of citizens but rather all have served in the previous regimes and plundered billions of public funds. None among them has genuine intention of solving crucial problems despite Kenya being one of the countries in the world with huge gap between the rich and the poor.

The conflict indicates the failure of the imperialistic ideology and its colonial democratic political system. Nevertheless, this situation has exposed huge flaws in top institutions of democratic governance including the judiciary. The democrats after having undermined the divine laws of Allah make constitutions, which eventually disregard them with everyone interpreting them as he wishes to gratify his political affiliation! And the clash between Parliament and the Judiciary as witnessed when the Jubilee Members of Parliament proposed the amendments on electoral laws to weaken the powers of the court! Then without any element of shame, the democrats purport the Judiciary to be independent and should not be interfered with! More dangerously, is the inconsistency by the Supreme Court where judges gave out contradicting verdicts! Despite all this shame and disgrace still the West with pride and arrogance through their envoys do not stop poking their noses in internal affairs of Kenya pretending to sympathize with it yet their neo colonialism including their democracy is the source of all predicaments world over.

Sadly, is to see academicians and analysts in Kenya continue to be carried away by the deception of democracy. What is more hurting is to see Muslim leaders aligning themselves into groups where every group celebrates the deceit of democracy and its politicians.

Finally, we caution the Kenyan community and especially Muslims not to be carried away by hate speeches from politicians dividing citizens with the aim of achieving their political interests. This is the right time for the Muslim community to show the competence of Islam and its teachings to solve the problems facing Kenya and the entire world.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

REF: 01 / 1439 AH

Tuesday, 04th Safar 1439 AH

24/10/2017 CE


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