Healthcare in the Khilafah

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Kenya has witnessed within the month of July 2019 the death of prominent figures, Bob Collymore –Safaricom CEO, MP Ken Okoth –Kibra Constituency and Dr. Joyce Laboso –Governor Bomet County. The common features in the deceased is that all deaths were due to cancer and prior to their demise they had sought medical attention from abroad. On the other hand, other prominent personalities such as Beth Mugo diagnosed with breast cancer and Anyang Nyong’o diagnosed with prostate cancer both treated in the United States. Mainstream media is awash with calls for the government to declare cancer a national disaster and embark on plans to tackle it!

The truth is that majority of the poverty-stricken citizens are silently suffering and dying due to cancer and other diseases with no means to seek healthcare both locally and abroad, but since they are not affluent, their cases do not find coverage in the mainstream media headlines! Cancer related deaths is just the tip of the iceberg but actual is a confirmation that Kenya’s healthcare system is atrocious with widespread preventable life-threatening diseases, inadequate patient health education, poor unaudited treatment procedures that are not based on medical evidence, lack of an integrated healthcare system with primary, secondary and tertiary facilities, poor local clinical training and the absence of strong, original medical research strongly linked to local diseases and health requirements. Furthermore, the private sector currently dominates the healthcare system and converted it from a service and a right into a business and a luxury!

Kenya like any other secular state across the world its regime priorities benefits through partnership with insurance companies owned by the rich club for purposes of robbing citizens of their hard-earned income through exploitative insurance policies in the name of helping them. With the latest being the so-called Universal Health Care. Their actions manifest their invalid capitalist ideology emanating from man’s limited mind that views the lives of the citizens from an economic aspect. Therefore, as a secular regime provides healthcare to the citizens for the sake of having a healthy workforce that can contribute to the economy!

On the contrary, Islam, a pure ideology emanating from the Creator of all that exists, views healthcare as a public need hence it is upon the government to provide it to all citizens irrespective of their religion or race. The Prophet (saw) said: «الإِمَامُ رَاعٍ وَهُوَ وَمَسْؤُولٌ عَنْ رَعِيَّتِهِ»The Imam (ruler) is a guardian, and responsible (and will be questioned) for his subjects.” [Bukhari and Muslim] Therefore, the Khalifah (Caliph) like a guardian must manage the affairs of those entrusted in his care. The affairs include providing opportunities to meet the essential needs of the citizens accorded by Allah (swt). The Prophet (saw) said: “The Son of Adam has no better right than that he would have a house wherein he may live, a piece of clothing whereby he may hide his nakedness and a piece of bread and some water.” [Tirmidhi] and He (saw) also said: “Whoever wakes up secure amongst his people, (physically) healthy, and has food for his day, it is as if the whole world had been gathered for him.” [Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah]

Consequently, the Khalifah is obligated by the Shari’ah (Qur’an and Sunnah) to spend from the Bait ul-Mal whose revenues are permanent and are not based on taxation like what we are witnessing today. Therefore, the Khilafah (Caliphate) will provide an efficient public healthcare system for all (Muslims and non-Muslims). Since the Islamic system views the provision of healthcare to its citizens from a human perspective and not an economic aspect. This means that the Khalifah of the Islamic State looks to provide adequate and good quality healthcare to the people, not for the sake of having a healthy workforce that can contribute to the economy but for the sake of fulfilling his duty of looking after the needs of the people in obedience to Allah (swt).

Finally, let us unite and work for the resumption of the Islamic way of life through reestablishing an Islamic State of Khilafah based on the method of Prophethood in a Muslim nation. The Khilafah will address the healthcare menace by replacing the current pitiful situation in the world that is a far cry from the time of the Khilafah. The Khilafah supported a strong predominately-public health sector, in accordance with the commands of the Prophet (saw). For instance, during the Ghazwah Khandaq he came across wounded soldiers and he (saw) ordered a tent be assembled to provide medical care. Public hospitals or “Bimiristan” (House of the Sick) were a great relief for the people. They served all people regardless of their race, religion, citizenship, or gender. The al-Mansuri Hospital, established in Cairo in 1283, had accommodation for 8,000 patients. There were two nursing attendants for each patient, who did everything for his/her comfort and convenience and every patient had his/her own bed, bedding and vessel for eating. This hospital treated in-patients and out-patients giving them free food and medicine. There were mobile dispensaries and clinics for the proper medical care of the disabled and those living in the remote areas. Indeed, it is only the Khilafah that will provide humankind genuine purpose in life, tranquility and prosperity by implementing Islam comprehensively in all spheres of life by executing the Islamic systems that include the economic, social, political, educational systems and foreign policy.

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

Article No.56: Friday, 01 Dhul-Hijja 1440 | 2019/08/02