Jamhuri Day: 55 Years of False Independence!

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Kenya on 12th December 2018 celebrated Jamhuri Day in commemoration of 55 years since attaining “False Independence” on 1st June 1963. The truth is that the Kingdom of Britain substituted managers of its farm “colony” Kenya from Governor Malcolm Macdonald- a white man to President Jomo Kenyatta – a black man. Prince Philip, husband to Queen Elizabeth II, handed President Jomo Kenyatta instruments of power. Malcolm Macdonald later returned to Kenya as the first British High Commissioner. In addition, when Jomo Kenyatta died –Prince Charles the son to Queen Elizabeth II attended his funeral as a gesture for a job well done! Everything including policies and plans used to run the colonial farm “Kenya” remain the same to date with the exceptional difference in the color of the managers. In order to understand, we shall state some of the following examples:

First: Kenya is ruled by the secular capitalist ideology inherited from the colonialists who ruled us and continue to-date via their agents. This ideology is anchored on highest corruption that is separating the Creator from life and alternatively left man to run his affairs as per his limited mind that on its own cannot comprehend the essence of the Creator in organizing the life of His creation. Its measurement being interest only.

Second: By the execution of this invalid ideology and its systems that emanate from it has led to the spread of corruption in all spheres including its political system known as democracy. It gives man an opportunity to give authority to another man to represent him in the legislation of laws to govern their life in general. The nature of this politics has led to affirmation of ethnicity since the colonialists fixed the politics on the largest and powerful tribes. To an extent, politics has become competition between tribes!

Third: The executed economic system is based on a pillaging methodology that began since the era of direct colonization to-date. The colonialists and their agents pilfer national wealth that include land, primary businesses etc. Citizens in general are languishing in extreme poverty and on daily basis facing harsh taxation mechanisms and government taking of interest-based loans that do not benefit them. Scandals on embezzlement of billions of funds continue unending!

Fourth: The social system is based on liberalism, such that individualism is spread and that everyone is rushing to seek the highest level of sensual gratification in whatever means possible throughout their lives. Its consequences in society are shocking and distressing to most people and led people to become like animals or below them by committing heinous acts some examples are family destruction, fornication, lesbianism, gays, materialism, suicide etc. Furthermore, largely contributed by the system of education that build and churn out individuals with distorted viewpoint on life and who measure their actions based on profit and loss.  In addition, has led to valuing of man dependent on the wealth he has/produces.

The solution and true independence is that which will ensure Kenya is ruled by an ideology emanating from Allah. It is only Allah who knows what is good and bad for His creation. An ideology emanating from Allah is that of Islam and is supposed to be executed by an Islamic State of Khilafah reestablished on the methodology of Prophethood. Furthermore, the reestablishment of the Khilafah will not only liberate Kenya but also Africa from the clutches of colonialism, its agents and their evil ideology and its systems which are the root cause of stagnation of Kenya, Africa and the World at large.

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya