Malawi 2020 Elections: Victory for the Invalid Secular Capitalist Ideology

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Malawians went to an election on 21 May 2019 in which Peter Mutharika of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won with 38.6% of the vote and on 3 February 2020 the constitutional court of Malawi nullified the 2019 Elections and ruled that Peter Mutharika was unduly elected president. In addition, it ordered an election re-run to be held within 150 days. The court’s decision was premised on “widespread and systematic” irregularities (, 04/07/2020).

Consequently, the re-run was held on 23 June 2020 and Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was declared the winner with a 58.5% vote. The results made Malawi to go in history as Africa’s first country in which an opposition party has dislodged the incumbent after an election re-run precipitated by a nullification.

It is imperative to note that in this world dominated by the invalid secular capitalist ideology and its poisonous governance system of democracy; elections are nothing but just deliberate and crucial exercises that are used to hoodwink and pacify the people that clamor for change across the world. Since the people in power are cognizant to the fact that anything that does NOT call for uprooting and replacement of the current secular world order is NOT a threat to them and so winning or losing an election is not a fundamental threat to the status-quo. Therefore, the winning of Lazarus Chakwera is within the vicious political cycle drawn by the western colonial masters who are the custodians of the secular capitalist world order led by America and her allies. The people are just used as political ladders by secular politicians to ascend to or maintain power for purposes of serving their masters’ and personal interests! Religion is used to whip up emotions and after it has served its purpose it gets relegated to the periphery as dictated by the secular dogma!

To confirm that; before the so-called dust for change settled people are already criticizing Chakwera for promoting nepotism and cronyism in government. Due to his latest appointments into cabinet that involved relatives and majority from the Central Region where he comes from. The criticism is led by professionals and public figures who say that the president has “quickly transformed himself into a good salesman of words and rhetoric while serving the same stale dishes Malawians have fed on in the last 26 years” (, 09/07/2020).

That is the reality of how secular capitalist ideology and its venomous democratic system deceives the people that it will solve their problems but instead it is the root cause that permeates the political and socio-economic spheres of life. Therefore, leading to the spread of poverty, increasing rich-poor gap and demeaning human sanctity of life. Changing politicians is not a solution instead changing the ideology and the systems that emanate from it is the correct wayforward.

In essence, true liberation lies in the uprooting and replacing the secular capitalist ideology and its evil systems with the pure Islamic ideology emanating from the Creator of man and the Organizer of man’s life. Embracing the Islamic ideology and its systems will cut colonialists and agent rulers’ ties that exploit African resources for their personal benefit and plunging the indigenous into poverty. Islamic economic system will do away with interest loans and taxes to ensure that people realize true economic development and prosperity. That can only be fulfilled the moment people decide to do away with the box of secular capitalism. On the contrary, the people in Malawi and across the world will keep on participating in elections’ cycles that will not deliver them from the miseries they are currently engrossed in!

Ali Nassoro Ali