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Moi’s Death: A Deep Moment of Reflection on the Decadent System of Secularist Leadership.

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Press Release

Kenya’s former President Daniel Arap Moi died on 4th February 2020 at the age of  95. Moi was the second and the longest-serving President ruling for 24years until his retirement 2002. Several world leaders including African heads of state have commiserated with Kenyans following his death.

Upon his passing,we HizbutTahrir/Kenya wish to  expound the following:

Death is inevitable and everyone except the Almighty Allah alone will taste it, regardless his rank and position. In this regard, death should be a stark reminder for all humanity, the world life is temporal and there is a need to change our behaviors in politics, economics and social lives to be inaccordance with Allah’s commands. Islam has clearly defined the relationship of creation i.e. the purpose of this life is to worship Allah(swt) and the relationship of resurrection that actions undertaken in this life will be accounted on the Day of Judgment.

The two different versions on his legacy, with many in the political class seen hardly white washing his dark history by crediting him with only few of them seen disparaging his tenure. Since the current crop of politicians with some even once fought him was brought up by Moi, it is therefore not strange to see them sanitizing his legacy. As for those who seem to discredit his legacy this is to try hoodwinking the naïve since they have no alternative ruling system rather than secularism which was inherited by Moi from his predecessor who took it from the colonial masters. Since Secularism detaches religion from politics, like any other secular regime, Moi’s administration was characterized by corruption among other crises. Mega scandals such as Goldenberg,which is estimated to have cost 10% of the country’s annual gross product, is one of the clear example. Popularly, Moi,who was a teacher in his early youth, became to be one of the richest families in Kenya. The Muslim community in the northern parts of the country still remember the traumatic experience of Wagalla Massacre that took place on February 10, 1984. According to the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya, the massacre which the exact number of people killed is unknown is the worst human rights violation in Kenya’s history. Regionally, Moi along with other East African leaders were instrumental for advancing the Western colonial schemes such as the splitting of Sudan.

Unlike secularism, leadership in Islam is a trust and not having harmful policies against the citizens. It is a position that solves the problems of humanity and guides them into prosperity. Through the system of governance ordered by Allah(swt) , the Prophet(saw) in a short span of his leadership, developed so many leaders around him setting a perfect example for them to follow. We strictly believe that by re-establishing the Khilafah(Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood in one of the great Muslim countries, the world will be ruled by sincere leaders who will not be self-centered rather will be working for the betterment of their citizens hence leaving behind better legacies.

Shabani  Mwalimu,

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir, Kenya.


Wednesday, 17th Jumada II 1441 AH

12/02/2020 CE