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Patients Die, Doctors Strike as the Inhumane Leaders Defy Compassion

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Amid rising Coronavirus cases, Kenya’s healthcare staff at public hospitals are on strike leaving patients neglected. Their demands include supplies of standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), comprehensive medical cover, harmonization of risk allowances and employment of more health professionals on permanent terms as well as promotions. The strike has left millions of patients stranded suffering and unable to get health services in public hospitals!

Hizb ut Tahrir / Kenya, would like to highlight the following:

This pathetic situation is humiliating to any government which claims to cater for the wellbeing of its people; yet it does not care for its own citizens who are heavily burdened with taxes; while leaving them to suffer in public hospitals by denying them their basic right to medical attention.

The medical sector just like any public sector in all the capitalist regimes is not adequately taken care of. Instead it is ever neglected since it is not the objective of these capitalist governments to take care of the peoples’ welfare but that of a certain bunch of influential and affluent only. Pathetically, while the doctors’ demands have been ignored, the donated Personal Preventive Equipment is stolen and the Covid-19 funds that should have gone to the public have been looted by greedy leaders!

The essence and quiddity of the capitalist leadership whether in ruling or opposition; they don’t care about the wellbeing of the workers, depriving their citizens of medicines. Capitalism produces leaders who are egocentric and ignorant to public interests and, who at any time propose and approve allowances increment at their whims despite the wrath of public opinion!

The striking doctors should realize the evil foundations of Capitalism is the prime source of their devastated situation. All endemic crises in public services resulting in perennial strikes of the public workers need a systematic solution that cannot rise arise from corrupt capitalist system.

The alternative system to Capitalism is none other than Islam which has put medical care as one of the basic needs for the public which needs grave and serious attention.  Islam does not view health services or any public service as privilege or favor but as a priority upon which the state is obligated to provide it to all its citizens. Islam has further outlined that that doctors’ salary is to be paid from the State Treasury (Baitul Maal). Notwithstanding that, Islam also banned taxation on an employee’s salary so that to enable them meet their basic needs. Based on that, we categorically say, the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) state upon the method of the Prophethood in the world, all these noble rulings will by fully implemented hence no perennial strikes of public workers will be witnessed.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

REF: 1442/05 AH

Tuesday  30th Rabiul Thaniy 1442 AH