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Secular Leadership Disparage Our Madrasas at this Lowest Level!

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Press Release

 As we thank the Almighty Allah (swt) for significant decline of Covid -19 infection in the country, we are however distressed at Government’s decision of allowing bars and restaurants selling alcohol while brushing off the re-opening of Madrasas. Consequently, the issue of re-opening Madrasas has also not been included in the ongoing debate between parents, the Ministry of Education and the Health Ministry on re-opening schools. This is a discriminatory move by the state to the fact that one of the fundamental responsibilities of any responsible Government is to take care of the affairs of all its citizen. Whilst we understand, the abysmal situation of our Madaaris due to the absence of the Khilafah (Caliphate) leadership, we also acknowledge the crucial role being played by Madrasah toward preserving the Islamic identity upon our children.

Secular leaders are well known for their double standards, on one hand, Madrasah still remain closed for fear of transmission, but on the other hand, leaders roam across the country holding mass rallies to preach their political absurdity while floating the Covid-19 measures. Is the infection only found in Madrasah and not in their political rallies? Furthermore, why plug the country into an election mood as if elections enable the citizens to meet their basic needs? How many elections have passed yet the situation of the ordinary man has become more deplorable day by day?

Disrespecting Islamic education is primarily founded on the tainted basis of the corrupt creed of Secularism that detaches Religion from the realm of life. This creed has crowned the human being to disregard religion and its education. This debauched doctrine should make Muslims open their eyes to understand that any secular regime cannot guarantee our Madrasah teachers as well Islamic education. In addition, the Capitalist System has generally blunted the main objectives of education by linking it into economic gains hence Capitalist governments view Islamic education as non- profitable and therefore a subject of disparage.

The Khilafah state will undiscriminatingly provide education with the aim of developing knowledge such as Jurisprudence, Engineering and Medicine. Khilafah State is obligated to build pre-primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities and set aside sophisticated libraries and laboratories. This will be done to create abundance of outstanding experts from different fields and mujtahidun that will bring high standard of knowledge enabling the entire society to achieve tranquility not only in the worldly life but in the Hereafter.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya