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The Bahrain Conference and Deal of the Century

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The Bahrain Economic Conference concluded today under Kushner’s management. He said in his inaugural speech in Manama: “The Bahrain workshop is not the deal of the century, but the opportunity of the century …” (Sputnik Arabic site, 25/6/2019). Is this conference part of the deal of the century? Or is it a separate project as stated by Kushner? And why didn’t he disclose the content of the deal? Are there leaks regarding it? What is the possibility of its success? May Allah reward you with the good.


In order to clarify the answer, it is necessary to state the following matters:

First: Bahrain Conference:

1- (The White House announced yesterday that it will hold an economic workshop in Manama, capital of Bahrain, late next month, which announces the economic aspect of President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan.) (Middle East website, 20/05/2019)

2- (Before the Bahrain workshop, in 22/6/2019, Kushner disclosed the economic aspect of the peace plan. The plan includes the establishment of an international investment fund worth $50 billion to revive the Palestinian economy and the economies of neighbouring Arab countries, as well as to build a transport corridor linking the West Bank with the Gaza Strip worth five billion dollars.) (France 24 on 24/6/2019) End

3- (On 25/6/2019, the Bahrain Conference convened which Manama and Washington called for. It is known as the Peace to Prosperity workshop for the encouragement of investment in the Palestinian Territory.) (BBC Arabic website on 25/6/2019) End

4- (Jared Kushner, advisor and son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, opened in Manama the Bahrain Workshop, a development economic forum for Palestine. Kushner revealed some details of the $50 billion US development plan in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, pointing out that there is a possibility to double the Palestinian GDP and provide jobs.) (RT agencies on 25/6/2019) End

5- [Jared Kushner, the adviser to US President Donald Trump, said: “Washington will announce a plan for a political solution when it is ready.”

Kushner said in a statement on Wednesday: “The Bahrain conference shows that the Middle East problem can be solved economically,” as he claims… He made these statement following the completion of the Bahrain Economic Workshop, which began on Tuesday, and resumed today, in the Bahraini capital Manama … (Al-Alam TV website, 26/6/2019)] End

6- The final statement stated: (Participants in the Peace to Prosperity workshop on Wednesday evening called for promoting development and investment for the benefit of the Palestinian people to achieve economic prosperity… The statement said that the workshop concluded with “great optimism about the economic development and investment for the benefit of the Palestinian people.” The final day’s discussions focused on the development of the labour force through the empowerment of women and the importance of effective communication with the young people who face high unemployment rates. The economic plan, which was proposed by Kushner on Tuesday, aims at injecting $28 billion in investments in the Palestinian territories, and allocating $22 billion in additional investments (grants and subsidized loans) in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, which host Palestinian refugees.) (Anadolu Agency on 27/6/2019) End

Thus, the conference is an entrance to create the atmosphere to pass the deal of the century when it is announced, in other words it is a financial bribe,Trump’s way, to the traitors of the region, Arabs and non-Arabs to take up Trump’s deadly deal to their countries … Don’t they comprehend?!

Second: Deal of the Century and what was leaked regarding it:

1- America has adopted the two-state solution since 1959 under Eisenhower, who launched this project. And it moved Abdel Nasser to implement it. America founded through him the PLO under the leadership of Ahmed Al-Shukeiriin 1964 … After Shukeiri left the organization after the defeat in 1967, Britain through its agent King Hussein and with the support of the Gulf States in 1968 managed to put Yasser Arafat at the head of the PLO, who advocated the British solution, the secular Palestinian state project when he founded Fatah in 1965 with the support of these agents. But he gave up calling for the British solution under the pressure of America’s agents Anwar Sadat in Egypt and Hafez Assad in Syria, and adopted the American solution, and thus the Arab League recognised in 1974 the organization is the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, and it was also recognized by the United Nations and entered as an observer member. In 1988 Arafat officially declared his recognition of the existence of the Jewish entity and his acceptance of the usurping of about 80% of Palestine, when he declared the establishment of the State of Palestine and formally accepted the American project by saying “two states for two peoples in Palestine”.

The Oslo Accords were signed in 1993 and a PLO-led Palestinian Authority was established with the goal of establishing a Palestinian state by 1999. Yet throughout the Clinton era, America was unable to implement it. When George W. Bush Jr. came, the Arab League adopted in 2002 the so-called Saudi Initiative, which was called the Arab Initiative. It states that the Arab states are prepared to recognize a Jewish entity if they accept a Palestinian state next to them. Subsequently, in 2003, the United States issued the road map, which stipulates the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2005, and founded the Quartet for the Middle East, yet was unable to establish this state. And it put all its weight on President Obama to implement the two-state solution by resuming negotiations twice in 2009 and 2013 but this failed. All American presidents worked to implement the two-state solution but failed. Until Trump came, America saw its inability to implement its two-state solution and wanted to change or amend it. Congress passed a resolution in 1995 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish entity, but made its decision non-binding on the president, leaving any future US president to have the authority to implement the decision whenever he wishes.

2- Trump began to walk in this line after he was sworn in. He said in a speech that the two-state solution is not the only way to end the “Israeli”-Palestinian conflict, saying he is ready for alternative options if they lead to peace. Trump said: “am looking at two states and one state, and I like the one that both parties like,”… “If the Israelis and the Palestinians want one state, that’s okay with me,” he said. “If they want two states, that’s okay with me. I’m happy if they’re happy.” (Al-Jazeera 16/2/2017). Then signs followed showing Trump’s line, he transferred the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in September 2017, which means that Trump announced his agreement that Jerusalem be part of the Zionist entity in the Trump plan… Trump then talked about pushing the conflict between Palestine and the Zionist entity forward through a final deal or deal of the century… then Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump and the Senior Advisor and Jason Greenblatt, the president’s special envoy to the Middle East, started promoting the deal of the century… Kushner travelled to many countries in February 2019 to gain support for the plan, meeting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He met Erdogan also in Ankara on 27/4/2019; then met with the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman.

These visits focused on winning the support of the rulers in the region… Trump’s administration then promised that the plan would be handed over to the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2018… but was postponed until early 2019, due to the delay of elections in the Zionist entity to May 2019… Then by the month of Ramadan, Trump announced that it would be announced after the month of Ramadan in June 2019… Now it has been postponed to November 2019 after the Jewish elections. Trump was “disturbed” by Netanyahu not at being able to win the elections from the first time, and had to repeat it for the second time and he postpones the announcement of his deal… [Trump described, in a press statement in front of the White House when leaving to Britain, the political situation in “Israel”, which is heading for new elections in upcoming September, after Netanyahu failed to form a government before the expiration of the deadline on Wednesday, as “messy” … He said: “Bibi was elected, and now suddenly they will repeat the whole elections again by September… It’s ridiculous, and we’re not happy with it.” (Russia Today 03/06/2019)]

Thus Trump prepared his plan, which he rejoiced in, wandering and roaming in promoting it, believing that where his predecessor failed to solve; thinking the two-states solution, will succeed in it by the deal of the century … And it will fail, Allah willing, as the two-state solution failed.

Third: The non-disclosure of the deal and the leaks:

1- Trump forgets or pretends to forget that Palestine has a great place in the hearts and minds of Muslims, and they will not accept that deal, but will respond by rejecting and slamming it… However Trump thought that his billions in his economic project will be a carrot to seduce the people of Palestine and they will agree, this is why he did not disclose its details and made the Bahrain conference ahead of the deal of his century to create the atmosphere of its acceptance!

2- As for leaks about the deal of the century, there are leaks, and it appears that leaking them are intended, and they are close to what is being prepared in the deal of the century. Most of these leaks were quoted by the Jewish newspaper, Israel Hayom on 7/5/2019. The newspaper is owned by Sheldon Adelson, leading financial supporter of the Trump election campaign who is also close to Netanyahu… These leaks include:

[- “The Agreement: a tripartite agreement between “Israel”, the PLO and Hamas takes place and a Palestinian state called the New Palestine will be established on the territory of the West Bank and Gaza Strip excluding existing Jewish settlements.

– Evacuation of the land: The settlement blocs remain as they are and will be joined by the isolated settlement blocs and will extend and continue with each other and remain in the hands of the Jewish entity.

– Jerusalem: will not be divided and will be shared between “Israel” and Palestine and the Arab population will be transferred to become the inhabitants of new Palestine and not the “Israelis”. The Jerusalem municipality will be comprehensive and responsible for all the lands of Jerusalem except for the education, which will be the responsibility of the new Palestine. New Palestine will pay the UNRWA tax to the Jewish Jerusalem municipality (tax levies imposed on users of buildings, land and water).

– Gaza: Egypt will grant new land to the Palestinians for the establishment of an airport and factories and for commercial and agriculture exchange without allowing the Palestinians to live there.

– Army: New Palestine is forbidden to have an army, and the only weapon is that of the police force … Hamas dismantles all its weapons and armaments, including the individual ones, and is handed over to the Egyptians. Hamas men instead take monthly salaries from Arab countries … A year after the agreement, elections are to be held for a Palestinian government … A year after the elections, all the prisoners are released gradually over a period of three years.

Within five years, a Palestinian seaport and a Palestinian airport will be built and until then the Palestinians will use the airports and ports of “Israel” … The border between Palestine and “Israel” remains open as friendly countries … A suspended bridge will be built, that rises 30 meters above the ground, connecting Gaza and the West Bank. The task is entrusted to a Chinese company involving China 50%, Japan 10%, South Korea 10%, Australia 10%, Canada 10%, America and EU together 10%…

The Jordan Valley remains in the hands of “Israel” as it is today, and Route 90 becomes a road of four tracks, and “Israel” oversees its division, and two of the roads are for the Palestinians who will supervise it, it they will connect Palestine with Jordan … etc.]

Although these leaks are informal, but the reality of their leakage is by a Jewish newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson, a major financial supporter of Trump election campaign is also close to Netanyahu. All this means that many of these leaks reflect the view of Trump and his henchmen … It is clear that the level of treason is great to the blessed land, that even the traitors of Arabs and non-Arabs are burdened buy it, and find it difficult to accept. They accept the two-state solution, which is also a betrayal, because Palestine, all of Palestine, is an Islamic land that must return to its people without sacrificing a hand span or a fraction of it, otherwise it would be treachery. So how then to accept the two-state solution which sacrifices most of Palestine?! But the traitors of the Arabs and non-Arabs accepted this solution and justified it by that it leaves them something of a state and a flag that they are proud of! The Trump deal leaves them with nothing of significance. Trump’s adviser, Kushner said: “The deal of the century may be devoid of a two-state solution and Jerusalem will be the eternal capital of “Israel”” (BBC 2/5/2019). Even the “settlements” in the West Bank continue to erode what remains of the West Bank, which does not exceeds 12%, and this part is under the military power of the Jewish state! …

Fourth: As for the expected success of Trump’s deal, it will not succeed… even its promoter, despite his clamour, he expects it to be a failure: [Trump also said that his foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, might be right in his assessment that the expected American administration’s plan for peace in the Middle East could fail. The Washington Post quoted Pompeo as saying to a group of Jewish leaders in New York that the plan, which has been postponed many times may not gain momentum. (Times of Israel, 03/06/2019)]

Trump’s stupidity made him not realize that Palestine is not sold or bought, it is the Muslims’ first Qibla, and its Masjid is the third sacred mosques Muslims can travel to, and it is the Masra (land of Isra’) of the Messenger (saw), which will be liberated by the armies of Muslims, by Allah’s permission, they will be accompanied by Takbeers of the soldiers and shaded by Al-U’qab banners. And if Trump can find today ignorant (ruwaybidha) rulers and their followers who desire filthy money, tomorrow he will only find the Khilafah’s swords ready for fighting the Jews and their supporters, the colonial Kuffar, by Allah’s permission. They will liberate Palestine from the Jews and their supporters as it was liberated from the Crusaders, and tomorrow is near for those awaiting it … This will materialize, Allah willing. Muslim said in his Sahih from Abu Hurayrah (ra) that he said: The Prophet (saw) said: «لَا تَقُومُ السَّاعَةُ حَتَّى يُقَاتِلَ الْمُسْلِمُونَ الْيَهُودَ فَيَقْتُلهُمْ الْمُسْلِمُونَ…»“The Hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them…”. (And heed the news after a while).

وَلَتَعْلَمُنَّ نَبَأَهُ بَعْدَ حِينٍ﴿

“And you will surely know [the truth of] its information after a time.” [Sad: 88]

24 Shawwal 1440 AH

27/6/2019 CE