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The Infants’ Disaster Unmasks the Tragic Situation of Health Care in Tunisia and Reveals the Regime’s Failure in the Care and Protection of its People!

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A painful tragedy shook the public opinion in Tunisia last week! Fifteen infants died at Wassila Bourguiba Hospital according to official statistics and numbers are increasing. On Friday, March 15th, a spokesperson for the Tunisian Public Prosecutor’s Office said “the number of infants who died at Wassila Bourguiba Hospital was 15.” A disaster followed by another worse, each exposes that the state does not look after its people!

No one is spared from the corruption of this state, not the old, young or infant. This state of modernity is fighting the people of Zaytoona in their creed and declaring its hatred for certain Hukm (ruling) known by necessity in the Deen, such as the Hukm of marriage of a Muslim woman to the Kafir man, the Hukm of guardianship, and the Ahkaam of inheritance. It carries this out under the slogan of liberating women and for their justice and protection, following the wrong path of spreading adultery and encouraging fornication, and encouraging women to evade the guardianship of men. By this it consolidates the approach of the West in destroying the family and its disintegration by entering the world of women, marginalizing their thinking and corrupting their concepts, while neglecting their care in the most basic necessities of their lives. And making them suffer from poverty, hunger and exhausting their bodies. There is no cure and no protection from diseases. Hospitals lack medical equipment and medical facilities, and there is a severe shortage of medicines. Even some sincere doctors have issued panic cries because they witness the slow death of thousands of patients due to the lack of medicines. A state that passes all its responsibilities to charity organisations and the institutions of civil society to ease the burden and evade their duties. Its sole concern is to implement the dictates of the West to marginalize all sectors and make them hostage to the colonizer that meddles in the country and oversees its work in all fields.

The disaster of the death of infants in Al-Rabita Hospital is one of the calamities that have afflicted the Zaytoona people under a regime that does not know the path to reform… a regime ruled by a group that compete for interests and engulfed by political rivalries that have thrown the country and its people into an abyss full of successive disasters. And the maximum that can be done by this puppet group is that the Ministry of Health can open “an urgent investigation into the incident.” What urgent investigation does the Ministry of Health speak about?! Will it really determine the responsibilities and find out who is behind this incident? Will it investigate the causes of this negligence and the real culprit of the infants’ deaths?

The procedures accelerated between the transfer of the investigating judge and the Prime Minister to the hospital for inspection and follow-up and the resignation of the Minister of Health and the invitation of the President of the Republic to convene the National Security Council… Everyone is on alert, but we hear empty words but see no action! Will they solve the problem or is all this to fool the people and absorb the anger of the families of the victims and the people of Tunisia in general who denounced this heinous crime and accuse the regime of being incapable of providing health care for the people!

The day of this disaster coincides with the March 8th Women’s Day celebration! This day, which successive regimes in Tunisia have celebrated, since Bourguiba, to Ben Ali and post-revolution. It is an occasion in which huge funds are pumped to celebrate it and its date is consolidated by the media and education institutes. Where is the woman from this celebration?

The masks fell and the successive disasters have exposed the real conditions experienced by women in Tunisia. The masks fell to show that women suffer from poverty, oppression and deprivation… They suffer the pressure that exhausted, tired and humiliated them! Where are the gains achieved by women and envied by the rest of the women of other countries?! Is it death during childbirth due to the lack of equipment in hospitals, or lack of specialized doctors who lead them to their death while delivering, leaving their families heartbroken? Or is it death after the fall of a truck that they ride to get to their workplace, where they work long hours, and return at the end of the day with a few dinars that contribute to provide for the needs of the family and the requirements of children?!What kind of Women’s Day do they celebrate, when women see their children die of burning, suicide or drowning?! Where is the celebration when their children are killed by malicious hands, which do not observe any covenant nor kinship for them, and drowns them in the seas of drugs that no one survives them? What celebration is this, when women return to their homes bereaved carrying their young in a “cardboard box” and their eyes are filled with tears?

The country of Oqba Ibn Nafi’… The country of Zaytoona… A country plagued by disasters and misfortunes that reveal a terrible deterioration at all levels! All this is taking place while this government is not concerned for the pain of people, and does not work to solve their problems. It is roaming in the valley of its interests while the people are lost in another valley, looking for that which will liberate them from their problems… A Government that does not wake up from slumber unless a disaster takes place, to hasten to denounce and condemn, and show “alleged” interest, and open investigations that are closed and are opened only to achieve political goals and to maintain posts. A government in which innocent babies are killed, and it does not punish the criminals; how will it do that when it is the criminal’s stronghold?!

We in the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir condemn this painful incident and extend our warm condolences to the mothers of these infants, whom we pray that they are angels and birds in Allah’s Paradise, and we ask Allah to inspire them patience and solace. We also hold the corrupt regime that governs the country responsible for what happened and those who carry out its unjust and false legislation. We address the women of Tunisia and say: O granddaughters of Oqba! It has become clear to you that this is a puppet regime that only implements what the colonizer dictates, and is incapable of caring for you and your children. Rather, it is the direct cause of all the problems and worries that you face. It is the one who sold the wealth of your country and killed your children. Do not call for insignificant demands that do not change the reality, and let your goal be higher than the change of the miserable faces, to replace them with other more black and miserable faces, because they all implement the orders of the colonizers. And work to achieve the greatest and highest objective: change this regime and its man-made and corrupt laws and rules and establish a system of the Lord of the Worlds, that carries all the good for you and women of the world.

O Women in the land of Zaytoona! Change should only be radical… So we appeal to you to support us and work with us in calling for the Messenger of Allah’s (saw) message, until we build together a real state not a fake one that will bring your glory, and that of the country, and restore the sovereignty and pride to all Muslims under the system of the Lord of the Worlds

«خِلَافَة رَاشِدَة عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ»

“Khilafah Rashida on the Method of Prophethood.”

 Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

H.  11  Rajab 1440 No: 1440 AH / 024
M.  Monday, 18 March 2019