The Problem is not VAT increment but Rather It is The Capitalist Ideology and Its Economic System

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On Thursday 20th September 2018; Kenyans once more witnessed how the MPs passed the government recommendations of increasing taxes. All top Jubilee politicians pressurized their supporters to pass the government recommendations and indeed they did. The destitute are stranded not knowing what to do and where to go! In short most of them have despaired! While the elite few and the greedy are silently celebrating while slobbering due to their appetite to loot the funds, which will be realized through imposition of the increased taxes!

All over the world nations are established on the secular creed (separation of religion from life) and the capitalist ideology (priority being economics with a view of interest/benefit). Since the secular creed has disconnected Allah in organizing and directing life and instead gave man the power to legislate laws by depending on his weak limited mind! According to capitalism the economic system is anchored in ensuring that the GDP grows at a high rate while caring for a few factory owners/investors and exploiting the many poor. And the alleged economic problem in capitalism is scarcity of resources vis-à-vis the population of people which is untrue. All secular capitalist countries are run dependent on taxes and interest loans!

That is the source of destruction and lack of peace to all mankind world over. People are striving day and night the rich and the poor, the government and citizens everyone is targeting to preying on the other! Property/wealth has remained and is circulating within a few people while a large population of people in the world especially Africa have remained slaves of their own countries and their countries being slaves of the western colonialists through looting of resources of Africa and alternatively give them corrupt economic policies.

Contrary to the Islamic ideology through the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) State established upon the methodology of Prophethood. Khilafah is run in accordance with the commands of Allah via the Quran and Sunnah. The systems that emanates from the Islamic ideology including the economic system always consider making it easy for citizens (Muslims and Non-Muslims) who live under the Khilafah. Furthermore, it includes ensuring that the State does not impose any taxes on its citizens except where there arises emergency beyond the ability of the Khilafah. In that case taxation will be done to take care of the emergency at that time; nevertheless, those that will be taxed are the rich who will have surplus after having satisfied their needs. Loans will be taken if there will be a need contrary to what it is currently happening where countries take loans so as to loot in the name of funding big projects which in origin are not from the basic needs of citizens. Never shall there be interest of any kind since interest is strictly prohibited by Allah.

Consequently, Kenyans and mankind in general have no option but to renounce the secular capitalist ideology and its oppressive systems and instead join the call for the reestablishment of the just Khilafah State within the Islamic countries. So that they realize tranquility, peace and prosperity resulting from sound leadership under a righteous Khalifah (Caliph) as witnessed approximately 14 centuries until the abolition of the Khilafah on 3 March 1924. Khilafah will not be a slave of colonialists and their financial organizations like IMF or World Bank etc. It will strive to fulfil its obligations by depending on proper utilization of its funds blessed by Allah for caring its citizenry. Contrary to this, Kenyans and humankind in general will continue languishing and perishing from the claws of secular capitalism.

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya