The Radical Solution to Corruption lies in Uprooting the Secular Capitalist Ideology and not Lifestyle Audit

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Currently Kenya is facing controversy from opposing views of top leaders in government including the MPs etc. The controversy was brought about by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for fresh vetting of civil servants on 14th June 2018 by saying, “You Must be in a position to explain how you acquired your car, house and land considering the salary that you earn…”. And to depict a good model for the vetting he requested it to start with him as the top most civil servant in government followed by his Deputy President then those below them.

The situation confirms clearly that there are two different factions; those who support and those who oppose the President’s proposal. Each group giving its reasons; for instance, supporters say it is the right step taken by the President and is expected to end the corruption menace in the country. On the other hand, the opponents say that there is no legislation that can be used to ratify the proposal and also there is a possibility that the proposal could be for political reasons. Basically, the controversy reveals the anxiety within government relating to success and failure of the exercise should it be conducted.

The fundamental problem facing Kenya, Africa and the world in general is establishment of capitalist regimes on the basis of secularism. The secular creed originated from the weak limited human intellect whose aim is to separate life and Allah (swt). In other words, the divine legislation is to have no say and should not be used to generally run human life. As for the capitalist ideology, it emanated from the secular creed and gave priority to the economic system where benefit and loss are the measure; and consequently it was called capitalism from the angle of its economic aspect.

Therefore, the public in general carry the secular creed and capitalist thoughts and gave sovereignty to man who is at liberty to legislate his own laws. In this regard, spirituality has no room (secular personality) within man’s endeavors where some are civil servants in government. Everyone weighs actions in accordance to benefit and loss; where greed and amassing of wealth is highly rampant and is considered the main objective of the worldly life enhancing obtaining of optimum level of sensual gratification. That concept is the root cause of scandals witness today in Kenya be they economic/financial, social, ruling etc. all are the outcomes of implementing the invalid failed secular capitalist ideology.

To the contrary, Islam made man a slave who is supposed to submit himself to the Shari’ah of Allah. In all his life, he must weigh his actions on the basis of Halal and Haram and must abide by it and that his love and hate should be for the sake of his Lord. The purpose of his life should be for the sake of Islam and his duty is to fear his Lord. Therefore, the Islamic creed instills spirituality (Islamic personality) in man. By this identity mankind is saved from all forms of corruption.

In order for us to attain this degree of spirituality it is inevitable for us to resume the Islamic way of life. The resumption of the Islamic way of life is not possible except under the shade which encourages piety in its citizens. The shade is none other than the Islamic Khilafah State. Currently the Khilafah is non-existent in the world that is why the entire humanity is suffering from various misfortunes e.g. tenacious wars, decay in the social system established on the basis of freedoms, deceptive economic policies formulated on the viewpoint of looting etc.; all that persisting under the watch of secular capitalist regimes including Kenya.

In order for humanity to avert calamities such as the corruption scourge etc. it is inevitable for them to join the wagon of the Islamic call of radical change on the face of the earth. This call is eventually aimed at re-establishing the Islamic Khilafah State on the method of Prophethood in a country possessing the Shari’ah requirements of being a Khilafah State where among them is being a Muslim majority. This state will possess energy in establishing thoughts and environment that lead man to piety. And because man will submit himself to the Shari’ah of his Maker and realize that he needs to earn and spend his wealth and that after his death he will be accountable of all his actions including how he earned and spent his wealth.

This is where the heaviest responsibility to any Muslim lies and that is to resume the Islamic way of life on the face of the earth in order to implement the Shari’ah of Allah (swt) in ruling humankind. Hizb ut-Tahrir already has embark on it, but; after realizing its immensity it is imperative to any person yearning for radical change not to be left behind  instead should join it.

It is crucial for the scholars and thinkers to take this opportunity to study Islam and comprehend it; that it is the alternative ideology and solution to the human problems across the world. In reality, the ruling ideology today has failed and to expose its ignominy is like an injury to a dead person.

Written for the Website Radio Rahma

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

Article No.1    Dated: Friday, 22 Shawwal 1439 | 2018/07/06