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The Women of Palestine Are Still Waiting for Al-Mu’tassim to Respond to their Call!!

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Press Release

Media outlets published pictures and videos of the usurper Jewish entity forces evacuating the house of a Jerusalem family in Aqaba Al-Khalidiya in the Old City of Jerusalem using military force. The media showed the screams and complaints of the women who complained of the Jewish police attack on the house, beating and arresting the owner, and leaving them without protection and shelter after their house was confiscated.

It is noteworthy that a large number of the occupation forces stormed the house and imposed a military cordon around its perimeter, and ejected the family from their home, that they had lived in for 65 years, for the benefit of settlement associations based on the law of occupation “the guardian of absentee property”; noting that the lawyer of the family seized a decision a week ago by the court of the Occupiers to postpone the evacuation until the end of this month.

The series of the Judaization of Jerusalem and the removal of its inhabitants from it continues by various means. The attack on al-Aqsa is still on-going intensively and in several directions, including the evacuation of the houses overlooking the Al-Aqsa Mosque, seizing them and then handing them over to the settlers, which falls within the policy of Jews seeking to expel the Jerusalemites and change the demography within Eastern neighborhoods and make the Jews the majority.

There are systematic schemes to displace Jerusalemites through the adoption of a series of racist legal procedures, from the imposition of heavy taxes on Jerusalemites, and preventing them from building, in addition to the demolition policy pursued by the Jewish entity that forces the Jerusalemites to demolish their homes with their own hands to avoid the heavy fines imposed by the municipality of occupation in the event that municipal equipment demolishes the house. The demolition of 136 homes and 20 shops last year was recorded, and during this new year, more than 20 demolitions have been recorded.

The process of Judaization does not affect the houses only. Attempts are still being made to seize what is left of the cemetery of Bab al-Rahma, in addition to the attempt to obliterate the religious monuments, including the prohibition of raising the Adhaan.

And here are more women and children thrown in the street without shelter or refuge while the whole world is watching, and here are the cries, screams and calls for help of these women, that ripped the clouds of the sky, with no helper or savior responding! Even the authority of shame does not utter a word of expression that at least expresses its condemnation of what is happening; even speech is no longer something it owns or can do!!

Oh Ummatul Islam!

What more are you waiting for?!! When the media portrays the crying or screaming of a woman who claims to be subjected to violence as a result of the application of a Hukm Sharii, the world pays close attention, but it turns deaf and blind before those expelled from their home without even having the opportunity to take their personal belongings!! What an evil balance that weighs affairs and events…

O People of the Blessed Land (Palestine):

Events continue to prove day after day the defect of the authority of shame and its conspiracies against the country and the people, and emphasizes the policy of subservience to the Jews and power against the people. You have to stand united against it, so that it stops crossing its limits and know that its betrayal is no longer hidden to anyone, young or old…

(وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنقَلَبٍ يَنقَلِبُونَ)

“And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!” [26:227]

Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

H.  17  Jumada II 1440 No: 1440 AH / 018
M.  Friday, 22 February 2019