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Thousands of Muslims supporting Hizb Tahrir demonstrate and vigorously oppose the Trump truce, and insist that the Palestinian issue is an Islamic issue and it is mandatory upon them to liberate it.

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Hizb ut Tahrir in the holy land of Palestine organized a huge gathering in the city of Khalil on Tuesday afternoon 11/2/2020 to protest against the Trump truce and to insist that the Palestinian issue is an Islamic issue and must be liberated as a whole.

Members at the rally raised white flags (Liwaa) and black flags (Raya) and slogans intended to mobilize Muslims forces. They raised their voices against Trump and the Arab countries. They also raised their voices yearning for the establishment of a genuine Khilafah state that would liberate Palestine and remove the state of Israel from its roots.

Doctor Ibrahim al Tamimi, a member of the central media office of Hizb Tahrir Palestine issued a statement at the gathering, highlighting that what gave Trump the courage over his evil plans on the umma was the weakness of the existing Muslims countries and their conspiracy on the umma ….and if Trump had known that among the Muslim rulers today there was a man like Harun Rashid and Swalahudin Ayub, he would not have dared to interfere with any of the Muslim issues.

Brother Al-Timimi demonstrated that America is the mother and the father of evil …..not only to Muslims but to all mankind….and outlined that the land of Palestine is not the property of Trump to give it to whom he wills and deprive it to whom he wills and neither does it belong to the rulers or to those who blindly shield themselves behind the solutions that surrender them to Western countries …..but the right of the umma of Muhammad (S.a.w).

Finally, the Doctor motivated the Muslim armies and reminded them of their duty to the land of Isra, so as to liberate Palestine and to protect from American atrocities and her occupation of Muslims lands…. The right response to Trump truce is to liberate Palestine.