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We Congratulate the Muslims on the arrival of the Blessed Month of Ramadhan

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Hizb ut Tahrir Kenya is highly pleased to congratulate the Muslims in the country and across the globe in general on arrival of the blessed month of Ramadhan.  As we enter this month of mercy, forgiveness and redemption from Hellfire, we call upon the rich Muslims in the country to help in giving charities to their poor brothers and sisters especially those who have been affected by floods.

We remind Muslims while they are fasting to ensure they attain the objective mentioned by Allah (swt) which is Piety, the highest rank for a Muslim compelling him/her in abiding Allah’s commands. As we live today in a secular liberal society that has viewed religion as a part-time issue, we need to reject this corrupt view and therefore Ramadhan should be a month for Muslims to increase their remembrance of Allah (swt) rather than a month of temporary obedience to His orders. Islam is a comprehensive Deen of life hence we are commanded to fully implement of Islamic dictates related to political, socio-economic matters.

Indeed, Ramadhan brings good to the entire Muslim population, but the situation of the Ummah especially in the Muslim world is still pathetic and terrible as it passes through heinous plots by enemies of Islam. The situation in Syria is deteriorating from bad to worse with US and its allies including Russia, Iran etc. bombing it day and night! Muslims taste these worst sufferings and miseries in all spheres of life due to the absence of the Qur’an’s application in their entire lives. We therefore remind Muslims in this month of revelation, to read the Qur’an by internalizing the meaning in it and also to steadfastly abide by its teachings. As they read the Holy Quran, in this favored month they should certainly understand the sufferings will only end when they implement one of the compulsory obligations by re-establishing the Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood in one of the great Muslim nations. Khilafah is the only state that will apply the law of Quran in all spheres of life and indeed will uproot the American and the Western hegemony by expelling their armies that are spreading corruption on the earth and especially in Muslim lands.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya

REF: 10 / 1439 AH

Wednesday, 30th Sha’ban 1439 AH/

16/05/2018 CE


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