Women Have no Dignity under the Mafia Democratic System

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Kenyan media have covered reports of rape committed to mothers who have just given birth at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) who had sought maternity services at the institution that they are being harassed, raped and other unspeakable acts committed on them by hospital service providers.


The invalid capitalist ideology and its secular – liberal creed views a woman as a commercial commodity and tool for sex. Hence, their value and dignity is dependent on their ability to be sexualize. With such an evil viewpoint, the women are anticipated to face life with a lot of challenges. To compound matters further; the mafia capitalists peddled a false narrative of feminism to champion the interests of women. That led to the rise of the so-called feminists who allege to be the voice of the women and call for women’s inclusion and recognition in sectors that are either male dominated or just for the purposes of rubbing shoulders with men for the so-called gender equality.

The struggle for women recognition has led to serious clashes between the man and woman as the social system itself, which is supposed to regulate the relationship between man and woman, is itself a failure as it emanates from man’s limited mind. As such, it has led to liberalization of society and glorified the freedoms as provided for in the Mafia Democratic System especially personal freedom. Personal freedom has given leeway to humanity to do whatever they want anywhere anytime based on their whims and desire. The secular governments are striving day in day out to guarantee the freedoms and especially realization of personal freedom, which is the backbone of the secular liberal society.

Chaos and insecurity towards women is ever at all-time high and its increasing as society becomes highly liberalized. This has led us to such grave incidences as witnessed for instances:

  1. Health care service providers to commit inhumane acts to their women patients or services seekers including but not limited to rape under their care like what is being reported in the latest scandal at KNH. A renowned government health care institution that is looked upon by the citizens for quality services, but; instead has turned out to be the most insecure site for women to seek services! The latest scandal, which is not the first one to paint the institution as an evil den of sexual predators was also in the public limelight in previous years coupled with financial embezzlement by its managers!
  2. Health care centers and providers forcing women to undergo Caesarian section (CS) for delivery; so that they can pocket millions in return from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). This has led to NHIF to raise alarm over a sudden rise in births through Caesarian section (CS) which also translates to the firm making huge financial payments to health facilities beyond the budgetary framework. Women’s health implications are not taken into consideration; instead, financial benefit/profit takes priority.
  3. Kenya’s Health Ministry executing a 1 woman 2 children policy, which is informed by the false narrative championed by the mafia capitalists using their invalid capitalist ideology. That the economic problem facing humanity is due to scarcity of resources and high population, but; the truth is that resources are vast but amassed within a few egocentric mafia imperialists and that the main problem is distribution of the said resources for the betterment of society.

The solution to the problems facing women and humanity in general lies in the uprooting of the corrupt capitalists ideology and replace it with the pure Islamic ideology emanating from the Creator of creations who knows what is good or bad for them. Women’s dignity is only anchored under the banner of Islam executed as a comprehensive ideology by the Khilafah led by a pious Khalifah who yearn for the highest gardens of Jannah which are everlasting and not this fading and temporary world full of evil temptations! It is only Islam which shall protect the honor and primary role she plays as a mother and housewife, and guarantee that women have the same rights and obligations as men except for those specified by the Shariah evidences to be for him or her. Thus, she has the right to practice in trading, farming and industry, to partake in contracts and transactions; to possess all forms of property; to invest her funds by herself (or by others); and to conduct all of life’s affairs by herself.

Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya